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A door to flouting stereotypes in the Realm!

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SCO Mountain Girls Premier League

In the world of sports, it started off that girls could never play sports and then in 1972, a civil law called Title IX came into existence which permitted girls to play athletics. It took some extra time for Gilgit-Baltistan to bring girls into this domain!

“And while parents’ support of their children’s gendered behaviour is not always and certainly not simply a conscious effort at gender socialisation, their behaviour is probably more powerful than they think. Even parents who strive for gender equality, and who believe that they do not constrain their children’s behaviour along gender lines, have been observed in experimental situations doing just that” 

Eckert and McConnell-Ginet, 743

Nevertheless, football has always been perceived as more of a masculine game rather than a female game. But, if girls prefer to play this male leading sport it is usually because they are in it for the love of the sport not for making an effort to be famous or to prove that they can do anything. 

The Gulmit Young Stars Club and Students Welfare Organisation is among one of the registered organisations which strives to endow these youthful brilliant girls who have got the spark in them. 

We’re taking you to this inspiring quest about the story of the Mountain Girls premier league! So hang on.. 

The Gulmit young stars Club and Students welfare is a nonprofit-oriented endeavor with the objective to serve for youth progress in sports and students welfare. The organisers say that it was founded in 1997 with some like minded young folks to cater for the necessities of the youngsters then. At the present, Gulmit Young Stars Club and Students Welfare Organisation commemorated its silver jubilee spree by organising numerous events, and the Mountain Girls Premier League is just another feather in the hat. 

The Mountain Girls Premier League got underway back in 2020. A total of 12 teams from all over District Hunza partook. This was the first ever all girl’s tournament organised by any club in the history of Gilgit Baltistan to address the needs of female sports players and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent and skills which later could be showcased on National and International level. 

The best part of this event was that the girls were very much enthusiastic in terms of their participation and representing their respective teams in the tournament. Season II of the Mountain Girls Premier League, kicked off earlier this year, which included teams from all over Hunza District again. 

MGPL is a platform for all of the female players who want to polish their skills and talent for national and international level tournaments and represent Pakistan and Gilgit Baltistan in specific. This soccer tournament contributed much to these young talented female players. 

It is a leeway for these young players to understand each other in the field of sports and foster to the setting and tourism of the region. The Mountain Girls Premier League aims to administer female football partakers to expand prosperous workouts in the area and will play its part to generate more professional female players. Yet the club is battling hard to nurture such healthful recreations for both male and female teenagers to embrace a healthy life and withhold from infirm energies.

But due to scarce resources, it is not substantial to fill in each segment of society.  

Sports contribute to the expansion of tourism in Gilgit Baltistan. From the very exhibitions, the positive facets are reflected in the world. The soft image of Pakistan is implicitly dangling on the shoulders of Gilgit Baltistan.

Athletics is invariably a platform for players to exhibit their capability to the world. Girls in Gilgit-Baltistan need to step forth and contribute to happenings as boys do. 

Talking to The Karakoram Magazine, one of the club members quoted ‘They need relevant forums to showcase their abilities. Female players need encouragement to play their role in promoting healthy activities like this. 

Making it simple and straight, the Government of Gilgit Baltistan should move its attention to sports events for females and facilitate local clubs to promote healthy activities for them not harming the sentiments and the traditions of the region. 

She added, ‘In today’s digital world youth has more attachment to the technological side of the field, but they are physically less active in the field of sports. Local clubs and NGOs are working to foster with the physical needs of the youth in the area, but the same amount of effort is needed to form the Government to cope with the challenges.

Concluding her talk with the TKM, the team MGPL paid special gratitude to the SCO for their sponsorship. SCO stands tall as the largest and only 4G network with 280 towers and 0.8 million active users in GB. Despite unusual topography, periodic land sliding, and drastic weather conditions, SCO has operated as the pioneer of communication and executed to procure basic connectivity liturgies. 

Moreover, SCO has launched its services in almost all of the distinguished tourist locales. SCO has always promised to contribute to the evolution of the region and is remembered for its CSR activities. Be it cleanliness drives at several tourist destinations or telemedicine installations in far flung areas like Gojal, shimshal, and Askoli. Apart from that, Numerous occasions organised for youth and women of the region are sponsored without a second thought by the Special Communication organisation.

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KIU Corner

Celebrating the Beauty of Mountains: KIU’s Wall Climbing Competition on International Mountain Day

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The Karakoram International University (KIU) in Gilgit recently celebrated International Mountain Day with a one-day wall climbing competition, which was organised in partnership with EVK2CNR. The competition showcased KIU’s commitment to providing students with top-notch sports facilities, including a state-of-the-art climbing wall.

The competition was divided into four categories: Category 1 for students aged 6 to 12; Category 2 for students aged 12 to 19; Category 3 for those aged 20 and over; and Category 4 for women of all ages. 22 male and female students took part in the competition, and the following students emerged as winners:

In the female category, Nasimane won first place, Saima Zahra took second place, and Alina Ali took third place. In Category B, Muhammad Abbas Mehdi won first place, Arshad Hussain took second place, and Ali Abbas took third place. In Category D, Muhammad Sami Zaib won first place, Hussain Sami took second place, and Ali Mantaha took third place. In Category E, Muhammad Ali won first place, Rahim Uddin took second place, and Zeeshan Abbas took third place.

The winners were recognised with shields and certificates from the chief guest, Dr. Khalil Ahmed, Dean of Life Sciences at KIU, and other distinguished guests.

The wall climbing competition on International Mountain Day not only highlighted the university’s commitment to sports and fitness, but also the importance of mountain conservation and appreciation for the unique beauty of mountain regions. Mountains play a crucial role in the lives of communities, providing them with vital resources such as water, food, and medicine. They also have cultural, spiritual, and recreational value.

Participating in outdoor sports like climbing has numerous benefits for mental and physical health. It can reduce stress, improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle strength and endurance, and boost self-esteem. Encouraging young people to engage in outdoor sports and appreciate the beauty of mountain regions can also foster a sense of environmental responsibility and a commitment to preserving these fragile ecosystems for future generations.

KIU’s wall climbing competition on International Mountain Day was a thrilling celebration of the beauty and benefits of mountains, and a testament to the university’s commitment to sports and environmental responsibility.

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Paddling Up the North

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The Inspirational True Story of the Gilgit-Baltistan’s First Mountain Biker

A Bad day on a Mountain Bike Always Beats a Good Day in Office

Yasir Ehsam belongs to the small town of Nazim Abad Sost, situated far up the mountainous North. 

His journey as a mountain cyclist started in 2015, when he travelled from Gilgit to Khunjerab on a mountain bike. This 28-hour journey was an eye-opener for Ehsam – having observed that the trend of Mountain Cycling in the mountains was non-existent. Thus, he decided to utilize the natural resources and began promoting the sport.

Yasir’s recreational pursuit began when he was a child. He says that ‘there is a lack of awareness about this sport in the society in particular and the country in general’. 

It was, however, a difficult journey for Yasir. 

“When I told my friends and family about my dream of promoting this sport, I received no positive response. So, I set out on my own with a small team of people who supported the idea”. 

Thus, at the age of 17, Yasir set out on his own and decided to ride down 22000ft from sea-level. The track that he chose was undefined, tricky, risky, and could cost him his life. However, his motivation and rigour to succeed was greater than his fear of failure. The fact that he rode down from the mountain on a bike that was not even made for this kind of path goes to show that nothing can stand in your way if you believe in yourself and the authenticity of your goal.

This attempt took him 8 days – for a single shot of the downhill ride. A slight mistake could cost him his life. However, when he came down laden with a successful adventure to boast of, his family and friends were waiting to welcome him with open arms. Yasir dedicates this success to his consistent efforts and never-depleting will-power. 

His attempt at the National Record of Cycling is recognized by the government of Gilgit-Baltistan. 

“While I was travelling after the stunt, I got into a road accident that resulted in a severe fracture to my leg. I could not ride a bike for almost three years”.  

This accident left Yasir in a devastated state. However, he refused to give up. His motivation to pursue his dream strengthened as his health did. In the two years when he was unable to set foot on a cycle, his willpower kept his dream alive. 

The 4 Season Ride

After shortfalls and successful attempts alike, Yasir has now introduced mountain cycling as a year-round sport. His company is called the ‘North Downhill 72 – Rider Club’, inspired by the mountainous terrain of the region. 

However, he still believes that there is a need to emphasize on mountain cycling as a sport. 

The Environmental Impact

In the rush of the globalized world, people barely think about the environment before starting up a car engine or rushing across roads on motorcycles. Vehicles emit various green-house gases that are harmful the people and the natural environment. A study conducted by the University of Montana revealed that ‘emissions not only affect the air; Airborne-pollutants fall to the ground with precipitation, which pollutes our groundwater and our farmland too’. ‘The asphalt, roadway tars and other chemicals poured to make parking lots also release pollutants into the air and groundwater’. Moreover, the study also suggests that ‘the removal of trees and complementary vegetation for parking spaces eliminates vital air cleaners that help reduce the quantity of carbon dioxide in the air’.

When surfaces are paved for the purpose of construction, a ‘heat-island effect’ is created. Thus, the land upon which construction is carried out is hotter than the surrounding rural areas – translating to increased energy demands leading to greater energy-related greenhouse emissions. 

How Can Mountain Cycling Benefit the Community in the Longer Run?

Riding a bike also reduces traffic congestion. Idling cars are bad for the environment, so less cars on the road means a healthier community. Bicycles reduce the need for clearing land for parking lots. For every one car parking space, 6-15 bikes can fit easily. Because bicycle parking requires comparatively lesser space, bikes help minimize the heat island effect while preserve habitats.

It is clear that mountain biking does not negatively impact natural resources to a terrible extent when regulated in a fine manner. It is important that the region of Gilgit-Baltistan strives to maximize the particular impacts of trail riding with the implementation of proper development and management techniques. 

Yasir is not only promoting mountain cycling as a sport, but also advocating for it to be a part of people’s daily activities. Cycling can be one the best activities for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan to indulge in all year round. Since the region witnesses all 4 season majestically while it also has the natural resource for cycling, it is evident that this activity can be of great use to the people as well as the environment.

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KIU Corner

Karakoram International University to establish Sports Complex and Tourism Academy

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Vice-Chancellor Karakoram International University, Prof Dr Attaullah Shah has said a sports complex and a sports and tourism academy will be established in the varsity’s main campus under the umbrella of Kamyab Jawan programme. Addressing a press conference at VC secretariat, he said the Higher Education Commission had allocated Rs200 million for the project. He said the project would bring about revolutionary changes in the field of sports in Gilgit-Baltistan. KIU Sports Academy will leave no stone unturned to provide the facilitation of sophisticated equipment and trainers for professional training on most modern lines. He further reiterated that KIU was making every effort to ensure that the athletes from GB won at least two to three medals in the Asian Championship 2025.The KIU vice-chancellor said the varsity strived to provide both educational and research facilities to its students. Karakoram International University will strive to train players in Skiing, Mountaineering, Mountain Biking and Polo and other games.

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